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About Sarafas Furs

Welcome to Sarafas Furs Online

Our Website

Sarafas Furs welcomes you in our online presentation. You can find useful information browsing our webpages and we strongly believe that we can help you make a better choice in fur buying. Sarafas Furs is located in Kastoria, Greece and proudly promotes Greek and particularly Kastorian Furs to a global market.
Inside our website you can see our latest designs in our fur catalogue which includes mink jackets and coats in all colors and variations decorated with sable or cat lynx collars and sleeves. All our products are made with traditional techniques, skills and hand-based processes, using top quality materials acquired from prestigious brands like American Legend, Black Nafa and Saga Furs.

Certified by Greek Fur

Sarafas Furs is certified by the Greek Fur Institute. Your fur item is branded. hand made, produced in Greece and characterised by superior quality and durability, as per our explicitly defined quality promise. The Greek Fur Institute thanks you for opting to invest in Greek Fur.

Our History

Sarafas Furs was established in 2000. The owner of the company acquired vast knowledge of fur making some decades earlier, in 1970. A firm based in Kastoria area, takes action in the production of furs and specalizes in creating stylish garments from mink skins in all colours and styles according to the latest fashion trends.

Personal Style

Our personal style is characterized by a strongly creative spirit, constant research and a care for detail which only expert hands can ensure. Sarafas Furs produces exclusive, elegant and high quality products. Sarafas Furs collections are available for sale at its privately-owned store in Maniaki, Kastoria and also abroad in selected dealers in Russia. Our company has a constant presence in the fur market and participates in the fur fair of Kastoria.
Quality Standards

  • excellent materials
  • unparallel craftmanship
  • devotion in our goal

Our Labels

We use only top quality mink fur skins for our products

Saga Furs
Kopenhagen Fur
Greek Fur


8, Parmenionos str
Maniaki, Kastoria, 52100


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